Project Registered at GTAC

Registered the project with National Treasury 26 November 2015 (Project M125) in terms of a Council Resolution for the adoption of the current 2015/16 IDP, as well as the 2015/16 MTREF which contain the Project. This MTREF provides funding for the Study over a three-year period.

The Bankable Feasibility Study and the implementation of the project will be done in accordance with National Treasury’s Municipal Services Delivery and Public-Private Partnership Guidelines. In terms of these guidelines:

  • The Transaction Advisors with the relevant skills and expertise, have been appointed to assist and advise the Municipality with the completion of the Bankable Feasibility Study and the preparation of a Public-Private Partnership agreement; and
  • The Manager Engineering Services in the Water and Sanitation Sub-Directorate of the Municipality has been appointed as the Municipality’s Project Officer.