MGWAP EIA opens registration for public participation

MGWAP EIA opens registration for public participation

The Mangaung Water Augmentation Project (MGWAP) will commence with public meetings for the EIA in June 2016. The purpose of the meetings is to obtain the public’s inputs, concerns and comments on the proposed project.

The project team invites all members of the public to participate. Your participation, comments, issues and questions will assist the environmental practitioner and other members of the team team to do a thorough study and make the most informed recommendations.

This, in turn, will enable the relevant government authorities such as the Department of Water Affairs and the Department of Environmental Affairs to make informed decisions about the project’s future.

How do I get involved in this process?

The industry term for the involvement of citizens in the environmental scoping phase of a project is called a ‘public participation process’ (PPP). For this process to be effective, it requires as much input as possible from the public, referred to as Interested and affected parties (I&APs).

To be part of the PPP, please fill in the online registration form or alternatively, download the PDF forms (available in all four languages) and send it to the indicated contacts.

The MGWAP team invites you to not only become involved yourself, but to also spread the word and assist us to involve as many workers, tenants,
occupiers, neighbours, friends, colleagues and partners as possible in this process.